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Radon Mitigation Omaha


Contact Radon Mitigation Omaha, NE to help you clean your house's air. Just call or email us to book a radon test. Choose us, the most professional and fast service.

Radon testing and mitigation in Omaha, Lincoln, and eastern Nebraska

Radon Mitigation Omaha


Contact Radon Mitigation Omaha, NE to help you clean your house's air. Just call or email us to book a radon test. Choose us, the most professional and fast service.

Radon testing and mitigation in Omaha, Lincoln, and eastern Nebraska

Best Radon Mitigation in Omaha


The radon exposure and mitigation process can be done for new construction and old homes. It plays an important role in saving lives of the people living in them with high radon levels. Before buying a house, you should conduct a radon testing session with a trusted mitigation services company.


Commercial properties should also be tested for radon exposure. Many of us spend a lot of time in commercial buildings such as offices or warehouses. Children spend almost six hours of their day in their school. All these buildings should be tested for the detection of radon every two years.

What are Radon Mitigation services?

This is a process used to reduce the concentrations of radon gas in the indoor breathing areas of a building or home. As radon is a contributor to environmental radioactivity, high radon levels make breathing difficult. Radon concentration higher than 4.0 PCI/L is considered being dangerous. Radon mitigation in Omaha can prevent the hazardous consequences of radon poisoning. There are several ways of radon mitigation. You can either mitigate radon by ventilation, or by increasing air changes per hour in the building. Radon can also be mitigated with the help of a sump crock.

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Things to expect when testing radon

Radon testing can be done in several ways. The tests either detect the radon gas or detect the products produced as a result of its radioactivity. Our radon specialists team is familiar with all necessary requirements. We have the finest equipment and expertise for radon mitigation systems,

Many passive devices such as charcoal canister, alpha track detectors, and electrons ion detectors trap the gas or the products produced as the radioactive reactions of the gas. Some active devices monitor the concentrations of radon gas by using electric power. They don’t trap the gas; they immediately detect radon concentration. Active devices are expensive, and they require trained professionals to operate them. If any of these tests detect positive radon in your house, you should carry out radon mitigation immediately.

Testing for Radon is the only way to be certain

Radon shows no physical sign of its presence. The only way to be certain is radon testing. Only radon testing can tell you about the elevated levels of radon in your area. You might be encountering radon without even knowing it. That is why it is very important to carry out radon testing.

Higher concentrations of radon in your house can cause:

●       Difficulty in breathing

●       Cough

●       Pain in chest

●       Hoarseness

●       Trouble in swallowing

This is the only way you can make you and your occupants safe. Radon can cause serious health problems. Radon is carcinogenic. The first leading cause of lung cancer is smoking, and the second is exposure to a higher concentration of radon. If you want to prevent your commercial residence, yourself, and your occupants from such hazards, you need to carry out radon testing.

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The costs of the radon test kit, testing, and radon mitigation vary from place to place. However, the average cost of radon testing ranges from $125 to $300. Radon mitigation system costs about $900 to $2500 in Omaha NE. But these costs greatly depend on the size of the house. You can contact or email us to get a quote if you need the radon mitigation of your residence or your commercial area.

How to prepare- your Radon testing checklist

Here is a checklist to prepare for radon testing:

  • The occupants should be made aware of the importance of the test
  • Maintain closed-house conditions
  • Operate the cooling and heating systems normally
  • If you are hiring a testing contractor, make sure to hire a qualified professional
  •  Do not disturb the radon testing device
  • Make sure that all the conditions are being fulfilled
  • Contact customer service in case of any issues


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“I found the team at Platinum Radon Mitigation Omaha to be true professionals. They did a great job breaking down and explaining everything to our family. It can be a lot to take it so it makes it easier when dealing with someone so knowledgeable and patient. Thanks again to the whole team!”

Martin R.

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FAQ Section:

What is Radon?

Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. It is a radioactive, inert noble gas with an atomic number 86. It is present in the atmosphere in trace amounts. 

What to expect during a inspection/radon test?

You cannot open and close the windows of your house frequently. As opening windows can increase radon levels on testing machines, you have to limit your exposure to the outer world. You can expect quarantine during a home radon test. 

What's a bad, or high, radon number?

The concentration of radon above 5 pCi/L is considered a bad, or high, radon number. 

Is it safe to buy a home with a radon mitigation system?

Yes. Your family will be safe in a house with a radon mitigation system. 

Should I walk away from a house with radon?

This isn’t the solution. Radon testing and mitigation can be done to make it safe for you.

Does radon mitigation really work?

Yes. Radon mitigation system works successfully. It can reduce up to 99% of radon concentration in the targeted area. 

How can I test for radon?

Simply call us to arrange a time to come out and fit your house with a test kit.


Does it matter whether my house is older or newer?

No, it doesn’t matter. The factors that matter are building material, heating system, or foundation types. 

How long do you have to be exposed to radon for it to be harmful?

It usually takes 5 to 25 years to show its harmful effects. 

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